Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront - Cape Town

Since hotel provide free shuttle, so Victoria & Alfred Waterfront become our hot spot for relax, shopping, “lepak” and “makan”. The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront built on top of part of the docks of the Port of Cape Town, is one of the city's most popular shopping venues, with several hundred shops and the Two Oceans Aquarium. It’s a working harbor, historical site and pulsating place for gathering.

Our hotel offer 1 hour per shuttle service, from morning til night to V&A Waterfront. So normally I prefer to take 12 noon shuttle, no need to wake up so early and all the shops also open during that time.

The history of the V&A Waterfront can dates back to 1860, and is still a busy working harbor today. But many original buildings have been renovated and new ones have been built in a Victorian style. While we are here, we normally hang around and “makan” here. It has lot of things to offer, shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, arts and crafts markets, theatres, live music to entertainment.

We can experience the unique nautical combination of old and new at Waterfront. We can see sections of working dry dock, cargo and tour boats moving through the harbor and the occasional cruise liner enter and leave as we sit and enjoy a meal on the quayside at a wide selection of eateries and restaurants. Actually you won't be alone here, cause thousands of tourists and locals visit the Waterfront daily throughout the year. And we also accidentally met few of our passengers on board our flight. They all from Malaysia too and have 1 week vacation in South Africa. The Waterfront also hosts the Nelson Mandela Gateway, through which ferries depart for Robben Island. Actually we have booked the ticket to Robben Island as we never been to there before. But due to bad weather, so all the ferries schedule cancelled. :( No choice lor, wait until next time lor.
Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, at the back is the place where the ships enter and leave

Lots of restaurants and pubs in front
The Clock Tower which built in 1882
Singapore is 9661km from here, i think KL more or less the same distance
Background suppose to be Table Mountain but too bad covered by dense fog
Nobel Square, these 4 peoples were peace prize awarded. Among 4 of them, i only know Nelson Mandela, the other 3, oh.. o.. no idea. :p
View from a small hill
Very nice pubs, i mean the outlook
Cape Town Port view
Victoria Wharf, where you can do your shopping here
Another interior look of Victoria Wharf
Dock, where the ships are being repaired or under maintainance
Guess what's it? It's a decoration make by ostrich's egg. You can even make it as a lamp. Africans are quite creative!
Street entertainers perform their live music, their music are quite nice!
Me and no name statue


[SK] said...

it should be a quiet and tranquil place i can feel from the photos.. nice nice!!

Chris said...

SK: Yeah, it;s looks very quiet n tranquil. but generally it's not that safe, so better be careful whenever u in South Africa. ;)