Saturday, January 24, 2009

回家 . 过年

昨晚刚从伦敦回来,今天就要匆匆忙忙的赶回怡保过年了。有3天假期,虽然不多也很不爽,但总好过新年时要去工作咯。要去Mid Valley载一个朋友和我一起回乡,希望等下路上不会塞车咯。


在此祝大家牛年: 万事如意、一帆风顺、身体健康、心想事成。最重要的是大家一起"发大财"!! 新年快乐~~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Time - Stockholm

After 2 nights in New York, we went back to Stockholm. Compare with New York, Stockholm is more quiet and peaceful, more fresh air to breath. Stockholm's weather was very cold when we touched down, with temperature minus 13 degree celcius. Some more was windy, make the condition even worst.

The next day after our breakfast, we decided to go to take some photos of the snow. Venue is a lake which is not very far from our hotel, about 15 minutes walk. I shivered all over with cold although i wore 4 layers of thick clothes. Can imagine how cold the weather is.. The photos shooting session was fun and nice. We were playing with the snow for sure... And saw some people skiing over the frozen lake. Wow! It's nice! Too bad that we don't even know how to ski and no equipments as well. About an hour later, we all quickly escaped from the flurry and the freaking cold weather outside and rushed back to hotel to warm our body... My ears and hands immediately flushed and pain with only a short period exposure to the cold weather. I think i need to bring a heater out with me next time.. Haha...

After another 2 nights in Stockholm, finally i went back to KL and it's marks the end of this very nice and enjoyable 10days trip. Hope to c u again soon - Stockholm and New York.

I like the view
Here used to be a lake during summer time, now it's frozen, we even can walk and ski on top of it

I feel very cold!
I really feel very very cold!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I ❤ New York

Talking about major cities in the world, New York definately is one of my top ten favourite cities in the world. Not only it is a leading global city, but also exerting a powerful influence over worldwide commerce, finance, culture and entertainment. I think you can find almost everything in this dynamic city, from freedom, peoples, foods, fashions, nightlife, cultures to philosophy, humanity etc....

This is my 3rd time to NYC, we departed from Stockholm at afternoon and reached Newark Liberty International Airport(EWR) around 6.30pm local time. Because it's winter time now, so the time difference between KL and here is 13 hours behind Malaysia. When i first stepped out from the airport, a freezing sensation immediately flushed over my body.. Gosh.... Temperature minus 5 degree celcius! Sigh... I don't like winter. Weather is so cold and dry, my skin started get irritated.. pain, dry, itchy, red... The lotion that i brought is not moisture enough.. Think it's time to change for a new one which is better suit for winter climate.

Reached hotel about half an hour later due to some traffic. Company changed our hotel again in New York, this time is Renaissance. The hotel is very nice but i don't like it so much because of it's location, not in downtown anymore. We need to take train to the city. So "ma fan".

Manhattan -- After taking the hotel free breakfast,(Actually it's not free la, just the company will pay the bill for us.) Me and 2 other crew members heading down to the city center - Manhattan. Manhattan is a major commercial, financial and cultural center of both the United States and the world. Manhattan has many famous landmarks, tourist attractions, museums and universities. It is also home to the headquarters of the United Nations. Manhattan has the largest central business district in the United States, is the site of both the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, and is the home to the largest number of corporate headquarters in the nation. It is indisputably the center of New York City and the New York metropolitan region, holding the seat of city government and the largest fraction of employment, business and recreational activities.
Skyline of Manhattan from Newark Liberty International Airport
Taking a train to Manhattan
Manhattan, facing north from the top of the Empire State Building
Manhattan, facing south from the top of the Empire State Building
US post office located at 33rd street.

Empire State Building -- The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper in New York City at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. It's the tallest building in Manhattan now after the destruction of the World Trade Center. If you have ever seen the movie "King Kong", you may remember the building that the giant ape climbs. The Empire State Building officially opened on May 1, 1931.
The tallest building is Empire State Building
Another angle view of the building
Me in front of the west 33rd street, few blocks away from Empire State Building

Pennsylvania Station -- or commonly known as Penn Station is the major intercity rail station and a major commuter rail hub in New York City. It is the busiest passenger transportation facility in the United States. It serves commuters from Long Island Rail Road and New Jersey Transit as well as subway riders in New York City. It also provides intercity services through Amtrak. It's also our first stop at Manhattan.
Internal view of Penn Station
Main entrance of Penn Station

Street view of Manhattan -- While we were on our way to shop and look for my friends in New York, we took some pictures of the Manhattan street's view and myself as well.
Very busy street
Very creative ads - Needle and button
Chinese medicine shop opened by the Hong Kie
American Ginseng or 花旗参 that i bought from this shop. Original price is USD72 per pound. We managed to bargain until USD65 per pound finally. Far more cheaper than in KL.
Posing 1
Posing 2
Posing 3

Times Square -- Times Square is a major intersection in Manhattan, New York City at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. All roads in Manhattan is being named by the number which is differentiated by Avenue and Streets. Times Square, the most bustling square of New York is known for its many Broadway theatres, cinemas and supersigns. It is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps. Like city squares in many other famous cities around the world, Times Square has become a symbol and primary landmark in its home city. Its animated, digital advertisements help create an incredibly exciting vibe contributing to Times Square popularity to both tourists, locals and the New Yorkers. At peak hours of the day, Times Square is often so congested that people are forced to walk in the streets to compete with traffic. We spent almost half day here just to took photos and shopping. The weather was so cold especially when the wind blows, actually i am very "辛苦" when taking those pictures where my body started to feel pain especially hands and ears due to the so-called "frostbite". I think i really need a warm hug that time, haha.. :p
Different views of Times Square

The building behind is One Times Square which is the place where the annual "New Year’s Eve ball drop". Too bad we can't view it cause we only reached NY on the 1st of Jan where the countdown was over. :(

2 of the crew members who went out with me
Me with the animated billboard

Damn "CHEAP" Sales -- There are 2 major sales in States every year. One is around Thanksgiving day, another one will be around Christmas and New Year period. My NY friend told me that i came to here at the right time cause normally after the New Year, there will be a massive sales of all the stuffs. The price is cheap until unbelievable!!! For instance, 1 Calvin Klein shirt, if normal price, it's USD50, after sales will be USD25, which is half price. Then after the New Year where all the retailers want to clear the stocks, they will dump their stuffs just like that. With additional 60% off of the half price--which is after deduction, only USD1O for 1 CK shirt, convert to Ringgit.. only RM35!!! Oh my god! It's CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! CK belt only USD12, CK Jeans USD55 for 2 pairs, CK underwear USD8 per piece, Guess t-shirt USD8 per piece, jeans only USD20. Tommy Hilfiger Jeans USD18, its coat USD25, Kenneth Cole leather shoes only USD25! Coach bag only USD100! Levis Jeans from USD20-USD35! DKNY shirts and pants USD12! Gosh!! I don't think we can get this kind of price in KL or even in Singapore when it's sales.. So sorry to my wallet and credit cards.. I'm gonna hurt you again.. I can't resist anymore... All of us crazy grab the stuffs.. And the consequence is--I overspent and broke again. :p
Part of the stuffs that i bought

Friday, January 9, 2009

Masak masak for New Year Eve dinner

For the 2009 New Year celebration, all of our Chinese crew members gathered together to play "masak masak" for the eve dinner. On the morning of the eve, after the breakfast, we all went to the supermarket next to the hotel to buy the necessary stuffs. Mostly it's western style such as pasta, salad, grill chicken. Everything in Sweden is very expensive. For example, 1 Macdonalds chicken burger(just the burger itself, not a value meal) already cost about RM25!! 1 orange is RM7! 1 pack of bread, size is like our High5 or Gardenia is about RM10. So, in Sweden, don't dream about shopping, unless you are rich. The dinner started at 7pm in 1 of our stewardess's room. We cooked the foods(Of course the hotel wouldn't know we are cooking. :p). We drank and of course gossip after the dinner. It's my very simple New Year Celebration with no party, no disco, no noise, just the foods, colleagues and the freezing weather outside...

Thursday, January 1, 2009


话都冇咁快,眨下眼,2008年又嚟到尾声喇。觉得今年嘅时间好似过得好快咁,感觉上Chinese New Year过咗冇几耐,加阵又话要倒数新年喇。嗯.. 又系时候要检讨下自己过去一年嚟所发生嘅嘢。回顾2008年,整体上嚟讲,今年都算系过得几好喇。当然,当中梗系有啲嘢开心;有啲嘢唔开心喇... 咁加阵就一齐嚟回顾一下喇。

1月 - 第一次学人写blog,冇谂住想得到啲乜嘢,净系想无聊时可以有个地方俾我发下嗡疯。

2月 - 过年时返咗怡保一个礼拜,除咗同屋企人一齐食团圆饭之外,仲喺怡保见返好多好耐冇见嘅朋友,好开心,大家都话我冇乜点变到,认真搞笑。2月13号,情人节前夕,同我个ex掟煲,冇第三者出现,只系大家觉得性格唔啱,长痛不如短痛,所以就嚟个了结。唉! 伤心咗一排,好彩有好朋友安慰,多谢晒你哋。

3月 - Uniform indent出现咗问题,冇uniform著,公司话唔驶返工喎,好嘢!! 仲好!! 停飞咗差唔多一个月。虽然冇flying allowance,但系公司傻咗,唔单止basic salary照俾,仲冇扣我嘅annual leave添。唔驶做坐喺屋企又有钱收,嗯.. 唔错唔错... 哈哈.. 好享受呢一个月嘅悠闲假期。

4月 - 公司宣布07年嘅financial year全年业绩,net profit 八亿五千万。为咗慰劳班员工,公司俾咗两个月bonus,加薪8.5%,同埋每人1 lot公司嘅股票。虽然觉得唔算好多,但系总好过乜都冇啰。啲bonus用晒嚟还卡数,Ease咗我好多burden。

5月 - 失惊无神喺随时候命时俾公司捉咗去做16日南非/阿根廷super long trip。第一次离开屋企咁耐,觉得好辛苦,好唔钟意呢种感觉,唔该以后都咪再搞我! 我宁愿做short flight,快、靓、正。

6月 - 为咗可以方便上网同埋打发啲无聊时间,买咗生平第一架lap top。9 months installment,用咗好多钱,好鬼死心痛。

7月 - 趁住Great Singapore Sales,同朋友铲落去Sin Jia Bo扫货,虽然话住喺朋友度,慳返酒店钱,但系依然买咗好多嘢,尤其是系衫裤同埋skin care,亦都驶咗好多钱。成个trip最开心嗰part,梗系喺Tanjung Pagar clubbing啦,仲驶讲嘅...

8月 - Annual leave rejected咗,搞到我生日都要返工,好鬼死嬲公司啰。好彩喺Perth有好nice嘅set crew members同我一齐庆祝生日兼送好多礼物俾我,同埋收到好多朋友嘅call兼sms,感觉好touch,好warm啰! Thank you u all... Muaks!!!
本来谂住跳槽到Cathay Pacific,点知发觉CX嘅人工原来同马航咁上下,相差唔多,再加上要喺香港based,嗰度消费咁高,而且又冇transport,俾嘅accomodation又喺元朗咁远。左计右计之下,支出分分钟仲会多过我加阵,咁每个月save到嘅钱又唔多,no point跳槽过去啰,几经考虑之下,虽然觉得好可惜,但依然决定留返低。

9月 - 可能系蒲得太多,身体负荷唔嚟,呢个月里边一共病咗3次。咳、伤风、头痛、喉咙痛、呕吐、发烧… 仆街啊! 乜都嚟齐晒,搞到成个人都迷迷糊糊、混混沌沌、手软脚软咗成个月。连食嘢都冇胃口,即刻瘦咗兼成个人落晒型。食药都食到惊鬼咗啊~

10月 - 妈妈由怡保出咗嚟探我,住咗大约3个礼拜,佢仲买咗好多燕窝俾我食。正啊! 我最钟意食燕窝架喇,差唔多每隔两、三日就食一次,3个礼拜后,好似连皮肤都靓咗、滑咗噃。每次做完工都嗱嗱声返屋企陪妈妈,做咗3个礼拜嘅乖乖孝顺仔。妈妈返咗怡保后,我又嚟唔生性喇,忍咗3个礼拜,终于都可以放监啦!! 顶唔顺,即刻同班friend又去落D clubbing。俾人灌酒同埋自己又索咗啲"嘢",搞到成个人好HIGH,好兴奋... 同班friend饮到阿妈都唔认得,醉到几乎不省人事,企都企唔稳,成个人好痹,要人扶住嚟行,车都揸唔到。最后仲迷迷糊糊咁跟咗人返屋企,发生咗咩事都冇乜记得清楚,好似俾人揽住嚟锡,有人除我啲衫,跟住就... 醒咗之后发觉自己身边瞓咗几个人... :p

11月 - 好忙嘅一个月份,可能临近年尾兼学校假期,所以roster好pack,飞出飞入。虽然飞多咗,但系相对嚟讲,收入都增加咗。好鬼死嬲公司,applied咗嘅Christmas,New Year同埋Chinese New Year annual leave,除咗Christmas 25号嗰日approved咗一日俾我之后,其余嘅通通帮我reject晒! 系啰!! 你哋要过年,咁我就唔驶返屋企过年啰!? Yer!! 谂到都嬲啊! 今年我仲有balance 24日嘅annual leave未攞,睇嚟都要carried forward到明年架喇。

12月 - 成年入边我最钟意嘅一个月份,因为节日同埋假期气氛浓厚,亦都系好忙嘅一个月份。不过唔系做工,而系有好多大大小小嘅party同埋gathering要去。净系买礼物都驶咗唔少钱。不过都好开心啰,因为可以同啲friend一齐庆祝一齐玩,同埋仲识到好多好唔错嘅新朋友添,嘿嘿~~

朋友们,喺度祝你哋各位新年快乐... 开开心心... 最重要嘅系继续揾大$$$$$$!!! Happy New Year!!