Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tango Show - Buenos Aires

Argentina is Tango. Buenos Aires is Tango. Here Tango is born, played, sung and danced, here Tango is made. Tango is the most relevant cultural statement of Buenos Aires, it is more than ever a true art of life, the essence and the soul of Argentina.

So while I were in Buenos Aires, definitely Tango show cannot be missed. The show is about 280peso (roughly RM280) and it’s included the dinner. If without dinner, it will be much more cheaper, about 120peso. But since we want to experience the show and the environment, so we chose the dinner package. The foods were so so only.

Out of my expectation, the Tango show was superb and incredibly passionate. On stage performed a group of tango singers that danced all along the night. The singers performed in various clothes, their voice felt so powerful. Dancers were very expressive and professional. The girls were wearing an amazing and beautiful dress. Although they performed in Spanish and I totally don’t understand, but in the music I still can feel the passion, melancholy, sensuality and sometimes the drama, sometimes happiness, and the emotion for what it was and could be, or what is today, or what will be.

It was absolutely polished performance by dancers, singers, and musicians. We enjoyed our red wine while the show was going on. We had a wonderful time, I know this experience is a little pricey, but I believe it was worth it. Just try once is enough.


Danny said...

i wish i have the chance to watch the show...lov ethe energy and colors of the performance...always like stage performance ..especially musical n dance ;)

Maxk said...

I once almost sign up for ball dancing class, due to time limitation, enrolled gym instead. Phew, why i feel lucky? Better just appreciate this art from stage.

Chris said...

Danny: Oh.... If it's not too boring, then will be ok for me, If not, then i will fall asleep. :p

Maxk: Hmm.. ball dancing is kind of performance rather than a sport, but anyway, both serve the same purposes, make u look good n nice. :)