Monday, June 2, 2008

Table Mountain - Cape Town

As I mentioned in my previous post before, I was standby and being called up by office for a 16 days trip. The journey start from KL to Johannesburg, then onwards to Cape Town and reach final destination which is Buenos Aires. Vice Versa for the return journey to KL. For the first sector, we stayed 2 nights at Johannesburg. But I didn’t go to anywhere except been to shopping malls to buy something and had a dinner with crew members. Other time just stay at hotel’s room watched dvd. After 2 nights in Jo’burg (Nickname of Johannesburg, same like Kuala Lumpur as KL), we proceeded to Cape Town where we will stay another 4 days there. Flight time is about 2 hours from Jo’burg to Cape Town.

Cape Town (CPT) is the second most populous city in South Africa, with a population of about 3.5 millions. It is the provincial capital of the Western Cape. Founded in 1652 by Jan Van Riebeek, who was appointed by the Dutch East India Company to establish a landing and refueling area for passing ships. The city remained under Dutch control until 1806, when it was handed over to Great Britain. Until the 19th century and the construction of The Suez Canal, Cape Town was an important refueling centre for those ships rounding The Cape Of Good Hope. Perched between the ocean and the mountain, Cape Town is famous for its harbor as well as its natural setting. Often regarded as one of the world's most beautiful cities because of its geography, it is one of the most popular South African destinations for tourism.

Hmm… If I am not mistaken, I think this is my 4th or 5th time to Jo’burg and Cape Town. Since we are staying here for 4 days, so I joined the fellow crew members to go for sight-seeing. Actually we all been to those places before, but since nothing to do and boring stay inside the room, so we went for tour again to kill the time.

CPT has several well-known natural features that attract tourists, most notably Table Mountain. A visit to Cape Town would not be complete without a trip to Table Mountain. Table Mountain, which stands at 1086 meters above sea level, is no doubt, one of the world’s most recognizable mountains with its massive, flat-topped shape looming forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of CPT. This majestic mountain is visible from almost everywhere in Cape Town.

Reaching the top of the mountain can be achieved either by hiking up, or by taking the Table Mountain Cableway. Cableway uses about 4-5 minutes to reach the top but hiking up need about 3 hours plus. Ops! Not for me, thanks. I rather pay and take the cableway. :p

Not always is the sky so blue and cloudless! Table Mountain is famous for its "Table Cloth" - a thin, white cloud formation that rolls over the top. On sunny days it provides a fabulous panoramic view of the city, the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain tops of the Cape Peninsula. But it’s winter time in South Africa now, so the weather is chilling and strong wind blows, the mountain was hidden in dense fog for few days. Until the second last day we in CPT, the weather only turn good and we finally got a chance to take the photos. Yeah!! Hehe…
Breathtaking views over Cape Town from Table Mountain

Mountain view from cableway station

Table Mountain view from Waterfront


Maxk said...

the pixel is too small for scenery photographs. upload a larger picture for better view & appreciation,would you? ;)

[SK] said...

i've always wanted to go to South Africa so badly, and d*mn you've been there for more than 4 times!!! dooooh~~~ tell me how can i not envious on your job???

Chris said...

Maxk: Oh.. really.. so sori abt tat. I didn't realise. I will try 2 do something about it on my coming post. :)

SK: oH.... u like South Africa? I tott normally people prefer Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Europe etc.. South Africa normally will be their 3rd or 4th choice.
Aiya... If u 1 2 go, i can accompany u to go 1 more time lor, then i become ur tour guide, n u give me commissions lor.haha.. :p

[SK] said...

hey, that is your assumption ok?? i actually prefer more exotic places than metropolitans..

and you want me to pay you for accompanying me?? you are "part time male escort" when off duty?? hehe.. :p

Chris said...

Sk: Ya lor, despite the main job. i do "part time" as well. :p