Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ocean Basket

Every time I go to South Africa, that’s a place I will not gonna to miss -- Ocean Basket. Founded in 1995, Ocean Basket has grown to be the largest fish retailer within South Africa. It offers their customers the opportunity to dine on freshly prepared, healthy seafood for prices not easily matched in the market.

So since we were here, of cause we sure go to Ocean Basket. This time we went to the one which is inside Canal Walk (A very famous and large shopping mall in Cape Town).

It’s dinner time and we were starving also. So we quickly look at the menu. Its menu has quite a few seafood choices on it: prawns, fishes, mussels, clams etc. Most of these dishes are served with a side of rice, fries or salad. 3 of us finally decided to share the Platter For Two (Actually it‘s more than enough for 3 persons as its portion are quite big). It contained samples of several seafood entrées.

The Ocean Basket serves generous portions of food to its customers in the pan in which the food was cooked. The serving portions are fairly big, and the taste is to die for. (Cause I love seafood except fish). All of us enjoyed our meals. My favorite is calamari (a kind of squid, I am not sure whether can get it in Malaysia or not) and I couldn't seem to get enough of it. Hehe… But I think eat too much, my cholesterol level also increase! :p On the upside, the food is very good indeed and pretty wallet friendly. Total inclusive of foods, drinks and tips only cost us R220. (R is Rand, South Africa currency. Like Ringgit is RM). Market exchange rate now is 1 Rand equal to 0.43 Ringgit. So R220 is about RM95. Divided by 3 persons. Each one only paid about RM32. Considered well priced. But I think Malaysia so far still don’t have any branches yet. Still need to go to South Africa to eat. :(
Ocean Basket inside Canal Walk

The sauces for the seafoods. The chillis too spicy, i can't take it, but the garlic sauce damn nice!
Village Salad
Soulmate platter that we ordered, comprise of prince prawns, calamari, mussels and calamari steak. R169(RM73)per pan.


[SK] said...

wow wow wow!! that is absolutely worth to die for, and it is not expensive at all ay?? no wonder your favourite place in SA..

Maxk said...

I love seafood especially FISH!

Alan da96103 said...

Nice blog you have here Chris. Like your descriptions of the place and the pictures of the food. Keep them coming. Tell us more about your travels for us who seldom travel.

Chris said...

SK: Ya lor.. price is very reasonable n the food is good. So next time when u go to SA, remember try wo.

Maxk: Hmm... i dun really like fish.. too many bones. :(

Alan: Thanx 4 ur support ya.. :) Will try to write n upload more pics once i have time. More pics coming up. :p