Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lesedi Cultural Village - Johannesburg

After Lion Park, our next destination is Lesedi Cultural Village. If want to get an idea of traditional South African culture, then the Lesedi multi cultural village, less than an hour’s drive north of Johannesburg, is a perfect outing. At here, features 5 traditional homesteads, each representing a South African culture: Pedi, Zulu, Xhosa, Basotho and Ndebele.

On arrival, we were invited to the Ndebele village where an additional welcome by all the people of Lesedi, takes place. The cultural program begins with a multi-visual presentation on the history and origins of Africa. This is followed by a guided tour of the four ethnic homesteads – Zulu, Basotho, Xhosa and Pedi. Each of these families lives here permanently, looking after cows, chickens and tourists, and tours through their homes offer interesting cross-cultural comparisons of the customs and social organisation of the different cultures.

We also love the traditional singing and dancing show. Although it is not one hundred percent authentic but it still offers the best place to experience some of South Africa’s cultures. The experience at Lesedi is eye opening and definitely learn a lot about African culture and the people.


Danny said...

the rounded house looks so cute..remins me of SMURFS.

Chris said...

Danny: Wah!! u still can remember that cartoon ar? It's very long long time ago. I watched it during my chillhood days. :)