Thursday, June 19, 2008

Florida Street - Buenos Aires

Florida Street is the main commercial artery of the down town area and is walked by more than half a million people everyday. This long pedestrian street is just few blocks away from the hotel i stayed. Here can find the mysticism of Buenos Aires: thousands of shops, people dancing to the urban rhythm and artists displaying their originality. Dozens of old news-stands conserving texts and pieces of history in their shelves, bars and classic shops all offering the country's traditional and native wares.
The street's name commemorates an independence battle that took place in 1814
The street was partially pedestrianised in 1913 and completely in 1971
Statue at the center of the street
Street Tango
One kind of Argentina's snack, it's a chocolate covered by almond inside. Very sweet n yummy. Only 2 peso per pack.(Peso is Argentina's currency. 1 Peso roughly equal to 1 Ringgit. So shopping there very easy to calculate cause 1 to 1 ma.)
I was looking at them for a long time but still no idea what they r doing. The guy blows the wind to the girl???
I can't imagine i still can see this in Argentina
Street performers playing their music
Florist stall
I was amazed by this guy, he only used the can sprays to draw a picture and yet he still could draw the picture so fast and so nice!
See! These are all his drawings, it's awesome!!!
A very famous shopping mall at Florida Street - Galerias Pacifico. All the branded stuffs are sold inside
McCafe along Florida Street, i am not sure whether it has any branches in Malaysia, but so far i didn't see it anywhere in KL. I only saw it here, Japan and Australia
Interior of McCafe, the things they sold are different from Mcdonald's. Just like others cafe, the sell coffee, mocha, latte, sandwich, all those chocolate, cheese cake etc
This is my lunch. It's bacon burger, cannot get it in Malaysia's Mcdonald's oh!!! :p
Are you dare to wear this kind of underwear??
A very cute police car!! I like it!
Alfajor - a very famous Argentina's cookies


[SK] said...

wow, this city seems quite interesting wor.. like the impressive spray painting, the sinfully delicious chocolate/almond snack, the tasty "porkful" McD.. hehe!! there are McCafe in HK too..

Chris said...

sk: Oh? HK also have McCafe? I know SIN got oredi. Dunno when is the turn to KL?

Anonymous said...

sllllrrruuupppp...bacon burger...i wan!!!!!! :p


Chris said...

Aeik: Haha... Bacon burger still can get in in China and HKG. :)