Friday, April 11, 2008

Seng And Alfred's Birthday - Jogoya

I went to friend’s birthday dinner on last Saturday. It’s Seng and Alfred birthday. The interval of birthday between 2 of them just few days only. So we decided to make their special occasion together. The birthday treat was held at Jogoya at Starhill since some of my friends are total hardcore of Jogoya’s fans. Jogoya(上合屋) is a famous japanese buffet chain from Taiwan.

I think my last experience with Jogoya was about 7-8 months ago. When I step into Jogoya again, everything looks still the same. The first thing no change is the price still steep. Hehe…. Soon we settled down, we immediately buzz around to search and get the foods. The food varieties are still wide with the fusion of Japanese, Chinese, Western, Oriental cuisines etc under the same roof. Hmm… my personal opinion, compare with my last visit, I feel that the foods quality are a bit went down the drain. Is it a chef’s problem or the food’s problem itself?

As per procedure, we eat, chat, laugh, take photos.. blah blah blah… during the session. The celebration ended at about 12am and following program that cannot be missed is of cause clubbing lor….:p

Overall, although Jogoya is a bit pricy but for the amount of variety, I guess it's worth it once in a while.
Warning: Going too often will result in excessive calories and a burnt wallet.

Two birthday boys


伟聪8982 said...

I been to Jogoya once too, i think it's few years back during Christmas. Jogoya was packed by poeple and the toliet is dirty. We even need to limit our eating time to 3 hour per session as the Jogoya was fully booked for the whole night.

What a tragic experience !

JAL said...

I am new to your blog. Many Thanks for invitation.
Jogoya.. been there.. think the quality were no longer like in the past.. I totally agreed with you..that once in a while it is worth it..Feel really relaxed there..

Chris said...

伟聪8982: Yeah, i experienced tat too.. Dirty toilet, unfunction toilet flush, time limit. I still remember. Haha...

Jal: Welcome Jal. Yeah, once a while shud be ok.