Monday, April 7, 2008


I accompanied my friend to Mid Valley for hair cut on last Wednesday. While on the way to the car park, I was captivated by the freestyle graphics and creative food labels of this shop -- Justlife™. It is located at lower ground floor of The Garden. The shop offers an exciting range of organic and eco-friendly products.

The shop is divided into several sections, namely cooking corner, baby food and cereals, fresh produce, bathroom corner, household, supplement nutrition and skincare. So finding the right stuff is a breeze. The shop promotes and sells organic stuffs such as fresh vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, organic canned food, organic made bread, beans, juices, dietary supplement, hair care, cosmetic products etc. I am very impressed by their interiors and decor, which is nicely designed. And give me the feel of Taiwan and Japan.

While nowadays people always talk about environment preserve, global warming, energy saving and healthy living. I think simple act of buying organic vegetables/products or using biodegradable utensils is just some of the many little things we can do to save the planet. Awareness of using organic products is getting more and more important as it advocates a lifestyle away from harmful pollutants and chemicals.

No doubt it cannot dispute the fact that organic products are costlier, in fact everything that is organically produced is more expensive. But I think that the long term value of enjoying a healthy lifestyle free from diseases and sickness is priceless.

So I think cultivate the awareness of the benefits of organic products is crucial as it’s a key to a sustainable lifestyle and total well-being and more importantly giving a green living a breath of fresh air.

The soy milk that i bought from Justlife™


Daniel Henry said...

oh i love that shop. they even have calpris. yums.

Chris said...

Daniel Henry: Thanx 4 dropping by my blog. Yeah, i luv 2 shop at there too. They even have their own cafe.

豬鼻晶 said...

hey, i'hv been ter b4 oso,really love tht kinds of organic's stuff..
n d' soya so nice lerr..
everytime i go mus buy 1 ~

Chris said...

豬鼻晶: Oh.. u like go there too.. i think the got a several branches in Malaysia.. So quite easy to get their stuffs..

Bunz said...


Chris said...

Bunz: 对啊,真的要支持环保。

Anonymous said...

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