Friday, February 27, 2009

3月roster - 航空业,一片腥风血雨

3月份嘅roster终于出咗喇, surprisingly, 喺咁嘅非常时期, 我觉得我嘅roster都算系好靓仔架喇. 有overlapped到3月嘅Rome, 仲有Narita, Frankfurt同埋Amsterdam. Turn around flight有两只, Dhaka同埋Saigon. 冇standby, total 11 off days.

一年一度至烦嘅Safety Recurrent又嚟喇, 又系时候要读书考试喇. 嗰本我一年先睇一次、黐晒尘、生满冬菇、厚达几百页嘅safety manual终于可以重见天日喇. BCF、transmitter、toilet fire procedures、galley fire procedures、oxygen system、oxygen mask、emergency command、turbulence、pilot incapacity、decompression、crash land procedures、ditching procedures、hijack procedures、dangerous goods handling、first aid等等等等… 大佬, 咁多嘢, 鬼记得咩? 我谂我读唔到几行字应该就会恰眼瞓, 去钓鱼咗. :p Passing mark 90分, 唔系讲笑, 答错3题就可以准备收皮咗. 今年仲有wet drill添, 落水, 出水, 又跳落水, life jacket, board raft... 嘥鬼气~ 仲要做埋啲无聊嘢-big circle, small circle. 唉~~ Evacuate!!! Evacuate!!!!! 快啲完啦! 唔该!!

A friend of mine who is working in SQ called me yesterday. She told me: Singapore Airlines is doing very worst now. Cutting a lot of cost, intake freeze, cut down and reduce a lot of flights and frequencies. Outport hotel downgraded to 3-4 stars, tech crew(pilot) are asked to go for 1 year leave. Cabin crew with alternate month roster, means this month u have roster, next month u don’t have roster, go for unpaid leave, no need to fly. And total of 17 aircrafts have been grounded because of no flight and no passenger. Economy turmoil is hit Singapore very badly. 佢问我MH呢边咩环境, 我讲就未至于好似SQ咁严重, 不过最近真系好多flights cancelled咗, such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Perth etc.. 公司话经济如果冇好转嘅话, 未来几个月都会系咁cancel flight. 连一向逢机必爆嘅London, Amsterdam, Paris, Johannesburg, Aussie route等等都变得好light load咗. 我同佢讲如果情况再恶化落去, 我谂应该都会步新航后尘啰. 经济大环境系咁, 都冇办法啰, 唯有慳啲驶啰.

05/03: OFF
06/03: OFF
07/03: OFF
08/03: KUL/DAC
09/03: DAC/KUL
10/03: OFF
11/03: Security Awareness Training 8.30am MAA Kelana Jaya
12/03: WB SEP Recurrent 8.30am MAA Kelana Jaya
13/03: WB SEP Recurrent 8.30am MAA Kelana Jaya
14/03: NRT
15/03: KUL
16/03: KUL/SGN/KUL
17/03: OFF
18/03: OFF
19/03: FRA
20/03: FRA
21/03: FRA
22/03: KUL
23/03: OFF
24/03: OFF
25/03: OFF
26/03: AMS
27/03: AMS
28/03: AMS
29/03: KUL
30/03: OFF
31/03: OFF


Lifebook said...

Yes, I just kena the cancel flight from Jakarta to KL.

fufu said...

everyone is taking budget airlines now =) airasia is increasing the frequencies to many cities despite of the bad market now =D

凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng》 said...

我們可以交換電話,email me at





Glog said...

Flights to France and Amsterdam...
So fun!

[SK] said...

細佬, 你3月嘅roster好正喎, 冇黑皮機, 唔駛standby, 仲好多日off.. 不過我最近都係搭AirAsia多囉, 慳錢吖嘛, 話時話, 你會唔會跳槽去做架?? 哈哈~~

Medie007 said...

wow... so ur airline's trying to cut cost too i presume?

venus said...


Buaya said...

MH is? :p

Anyway, looking forward to your insane experience... :p Hilarious as usual? :p

Sanze said...

Wa.. Sound like the economy really very worse o..

TZ said...

All the best to your March schedule ... :) BTW, so nice u r going to ASM... I never been to Europe mainland before ... will have to pay a visit one day...

Been to London ... nice airport but very busy... :p

travis said...

比d心机,考好个试。good luck la...


Anonymous said...

Would you mind to explain what is 'Turn around flight'. thanks.

Anonymous said...

:O Pilots have to take 1 year leave???

谢振凌|사진릉 said...



tunadolphi said...

Good luck to your coming exam! ;)

左手 said...


kimichii said...

just wish you a happy working march ok?

Pete said...

Airline business not easy to manage. High risk and high cost business!

Wois said...


ah_man said...

haha ,
only can say,
"god bless you"

wish you good luck^^

Ivan said...

Omg, i tot the economy crisis not influence much for Airline =s ... but after i read this entry, now i only realize that it does affected that too @_@, though my mom asked me not to enter to any airline for now, think i should have to listen to her sigh, poor thing.... hopefully MAS can cover up all these =s and it wont cut out some crews or so >.< terrible ....

Anyway wish u all the best in ur test =) cheer up !!!

**Next post - Insane Bombay flight on the 19th. ( I'm Waiting XD )

tagnan said...

几十歲人仲要考試 真系無陰公
好多人改搭AirAsia 我支持你
我四月搭馬航去北京 希望有你啦

Chin Weng 茶先生 said...

Manufacturing field is having serious impact for this round of economic downturn. Hope to recover ASAP. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

十六夜真人 said...

我公司也在cut cost

bluesoul said...

oh no problem...just come across your blog incidentally. from here only i get a glimpse of wats its like to be a stewardess.didn;t know in dian route is so unpopular lol.

your cantonese quite good. ur from kl/ipoh?

have a nice coming trip!

7th heaven

Anonymous said...

U must be jumping for joy! No Mumbai this month!!! LOL!!! Ya, count our blessings! Some overseas airlines even closed shop when they ould not make ends meet!

shinchee said...


期待你下一个POST!! 买定爆米花先~~

Vin vin said...

first timer here~
buzy roster huh !
have a nice working in march !
n add oil in you exam ! ^^

- yEng - said...


LAURENCE said...


Anonymous said...



小崇胖胖 said...

蔭功咯~要考試哦~ 我最討厭考試了~
看來你的off day還真多~

Leon Koh said...

drop by to wish you a lovely week ahead.. seem like you are off today?

Serina said...

对啊~现在很多人take budget airlines了因为价钱相差很多~那。。。我不是不能在航空业了?!

savante said...

Wow. The airlines really are doing that bad eh? Seems like you're doing fine though which is good!

Shell (貝殼) said...

所以要加油加油!! Good lucK^^

candygan said...

祝你考到100% :0) 加油加油加油。。。

Fallen angel.... said...

haha..i though my hospital is the most crazy hospital,but MH is almost the same. What to do, due to people's life, so keep up la, wish u good luck. Enjoy the scheduled...

Chris said...

Lifebook: Yeah, Jakarta is one of the route that get affected.

fufu: Oh? i heard they also not doing very well?

凡人館長《志強 cHeeKeOng: Thanx 4 ur e-mail. This is mine

左: 多谢鼓励。 ;)

Glog: It's not France, it's Germany.

[SK]: 大佬,人工高, 福利好嘅话, 梗系跳啦.

Medie007: Yeah, exactly...

Chris said...

venus: 谢谢。

Buaya: MH is mental hospital. :p
yeah, will post it soon. Thanx 4 the support ya..

Sanze: Yeah, it is.

TZ: Yeah, i also feel that London airport very messy.


Anonymous: Turn around flight means no night stop. Juz go and come back the same day.

Matt.Tey: Yeah, this is what SQ suggested to their pilots.

Chris said...

谢振凌|사진릉 : 多谢晒.

tunadolphi: 我想大家都应该如此,经济不好,没办法咯。谢谢。

左手: 多谢晒.

kimichii: Thanx ya..

Pete: Yeah, that;s true..

Wois: haha.. 那你要什么礼物? :p

ah_man: Thank u..

Ivan: Yeah, airlines is doing very bad now... Either do others fields as well.. Crew so far still not enough...

Chris said...

tagnan: 我希望四月会有北京,咁我就可以同你比翼双飞,哈哈。

Chin Weng 茶先生: Yeah, let's pray hard..

十六夜真人: 我想很多公司都是应该一样吧

bluesoul: Yeah, this is roughly abt the life of being a flight crew. Yeah, i am from Ipoh. ;)Cantonese is my mother tongue.

suituapui: Yeah, thank god no Indian route this month.

shinchee: 谢谢, 已经写完了,稍后会post出来.

Vin vin: Wlecome to my blog ya.. Yeah, thank u.. same 2 u too..

Chris said...

yEng -: 那就大家一起加油咯。


Anonymous: 欢迎光临,谢谢。当然可以啊,已经加了你了。 ;)

小崇胖胖: 谢谢,是咯,最喜欢off day.又可以出去玩了。:p

Leon Koh: Thanx ya.. Yeah, will off til Sat.

Serina: 经济环境差, 也没办法。当经济ok后, 你也可以加入啊。:)

savante: Yeah, it's very bad now.. Luckily i am not so much being affected.

Shell (貝殼): 那就大家一起加油吧。

candygan: 谢谢。

Fallen angel: WELcome to my blog ya.. Yeah.. economy is bad, so will affect everybody.. No choice loe,, save some money lor. lol..
Thanx ya...

Spartacus said...

You've got quite a few European cities this round heh ? That should be good.

But I see you have Dhaka as well. Is it just as bad as the Indian cities or even worse ?

Airlines are mostly doing quite badly this round. Quite a few smaller ones have gone out of business and a lot of the established ones are having a sharp decline in profits or making massive losses.

Chris said...

Spartacus: Hmm... considered very good oredi lor. Keke... i have no complaint towards my March roster. Hehe...

Dhaka is much more better than Indian route. 1st of all, majority of them r labor, not really highly educated, thus not demanding n dunno how to complaint at all.
2nd, they r muslim, so no cocktail, beers n whisky water.
3rdly, they r all very well behave as their tour leader will look after them.
Compare with Indian run, Bangladesh is much more easier to handle.

Yeah, i feel surprise too when SQ also not doing well as they r Asia most profitable airlines.

Spartacus said...

Interesting. I would've thought they would be as bad as the Indian routes.

Chris said...

Spartacus: No no no, they r more well behave.... ;)

Spartacus said...

Good for you then.

Chris said...

Spartacus: Yeah, hehe.. ;)

summer_rain said...

哈哈!你最近的样子变得像“嫩版张孝全” 当然会给人误会你是给人”包养“的咯。:)

Chris said...

summer_rain: 哦? 真的像吗? :p