Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sun, sea and beach paradise - Gold Coast

Just back to KL this morning. Pretty tired as it was a mid night flight from Brisbane to KL. But anyway, the load was quite light, so we managed to get 2 hours rest during flight and it’s really helps a lot, not feeling so “zombie” when landing. It has been a few months I didn’t come to Brisbane since my last visit. Company had changed our hotel in BNE. We used to stay at down town Brisbane, but now we had moved to hotel which is located at Gold Coast. It’s about an hour journey from Brisbane to Gold Coast.

Gold Coast definitely is a surfers paradise with its beautiful sandy beaches. As I can see, there are lot of tourists here. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hong Kie, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Dutch, French, British etc. Lots of Malaysians too.. And foods is not a problem here as many nice restaurants are opened which serving us with Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Western cuisines. But of course, it is a tourist spot, so the price, ahem... u all know la...

Weather here is quite hot, so that’s why there are a lot of peoples who just wearing bikini or swimming trunk walking around the street, so if u want to “see” some “hot“ things.. Just open your eyes “big big”, haha.. :p

It’s very nice and beautiful here, so if u like all the beach activities, I strongly recommend that Gold Coast is a place that u r not gonna to miss it..

I spent some times walking around and had a very nice Japanese foods there. Here is some photos that I captured while I “lepak” in Gold Coast..

Street view
Surfers Paradise Blvd
This aquaduck can be used on land as well as in the water

LV store at Gold Coast
Hard Rock Cafe
Surfers Paradise banner

I like this hotel, very cute~
Gold Coast view from my hotel room (1)
Gold Coast view from my hotel room (2)
Gold Coast view from my hotel room (3)
White sandy beaches (1)
White sandy beaches (2)
White sandy beaches (3)
White sandy beaches (4)
White sandy beaches (5)
White sandy beaches (6)
This is the hotel where i stayed when night stop in Brisbane--Holiday Inn, Gold Coast
The very nice lobby of Holiday Inn


小东.6am said...


Anonymous said...


左手 said...

well done噢!哈哈!

suituapui said...

That's one place I wanna go...but have not had the chance yet. Got lots of relatives and friends there. Ummm....where are the pics of the people in bikinis and swimming trunks? Eyes already open big-big, also cannot see leh? Hahahahaha!!!!!

李文健 이문건 said...

nice view

yee said...


晴天 said...


Nkw@i said...

wahh...nice experience leh @_@
you been many country already ..... =D

cocoadeluxe said...

I've been there 2 years ago but we didn't manage to visit the famous Australian Zoo where the famous Steve Irwin was there. Unfortunately he's already passed away... Anyways, if you were there again next time, I strongly recommend you find tour guide companies offering other packages which you can see tourism booths everywhere there or in the hotels. One place I really love is this place called Mount Tambourine which was in one of the packages. This place really nice if you love nature and wineyard. I remember is about AUD60- AUD70 per person.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Beaches...nice. Hmm, no photo of those "hot" things taken?

Danny said...

i'm not a beach person, but i have to say~ that beach is damn nice... will consider going


我眼睛挣大大了....但你的照片没有SOME "HOT" THING 叻~~~

安可斯 said...

very beautiful beach..
handsome, thanks for your sharing..

LAURENCE said...

long time no c u on here jor~
haha ~

such a beutiful beach~

Glog said...

Looks like fun...
I've been there when i was like 13 and I loved it...

Serina said...

I like the beach~~ :D

Sam said...

Gold Coast! I've never been and I wanna go! :)

Medie007 said...

so nice.... wanna goooo...

~LeuMaS~ said...

wow Gold Coast~ my envy of u now ...

lcfu said...

wow... 沒有去嗮太陽?

tom said...

very nice,i like the sand, so clean n white...

ah_man said...


谢振凌|사진릉 said...





venus said...


Chin Weng 茶先生 said...

很想去旅行。Hmm,最近好像有travel fair.

类私理 said...

What a nice place... hope i can go there someday.

[SK] said...

why is the beach so empty?? nothing to see... :p

十六夜真人 said...


Sanze said...

Wa... So beautiful o.. You good al.. Can fly everywhere...

Lol.. That party is organised by blogger name ellie and ooby lo.. I also not really know wat is tat.. More details got to see his blog..

savante said...

So gonna stay in the Imperial Palace! Love the clocks!

And why aren't you in speedos too!

tagnan said...

tell me some "hot" things when we meet ok... ;p

滑翔翼 said...


滑翔翼 said...


Ivan said...

The sand on the beach seems so smooth and clean =D .... nice place to be visit =D .. and the aquaduck u show on the picture, it looks like the same with the one i rided before in Singapore last time XD cute ...

TZ said...

what is your next destination dude!... I want to follow okay?

leister said...

long time din flight gold coast !!
some more at surfer paradise area , not bad !

小崇胖胖 said...


Jason said...

Nice nice... yalor, why no pix on those hot stuff ah? :P

奇迹创造者 Zyan said...


Chris said...

小东.6am: LV? 我都想买啊,不过冇钱买. :(

Matt.Tey: 对啊,这地方真不错。

左手: 哇。。 谢谢你的赞美,让我不知所措咧,嘿嘿。

suituapui: Haha... that;s pics are x-rated, cannot post here. :p

李文健 이문건 : Yeah..

yee: 是咯。

晴天: 有时间的话,你和你老公也可以过去走走啊。 ;)

Nkw@i: Hmm... ok lor, hehe.... Welcome to my blog ya..

Chris said...

cocoadeluxe: yeah, i 1 2 join tour too but dun have enough time, maybe next time got chance can holiday there with frens, then must join the tour..

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E: Those hot things too hot, cannot publish here. HAhahha.... :p

Danny: Yeah, u shud pay a visit one day..

左: Hot things ar, 真的要发出来吗?

安可斯: U welcome... hope u like it..

LAURENCE: Ya lor, bit busy these few days...

Glog: yeah, i love there too..

Serina: Me too..

Chris said...

Sam: Welcome to my blog. Yeah, it's very worth to visit..

Medie007: Welcome to my blog. Yeah, u must go n i am sure u will like it...

~LeuMaS~: Wa.. so many people like gold coasr ler... :)

lcfu: 我怕晒太阳. :p

tom: Yeah, me too...

ah_man: 是啊,海很干净,沙很幼.

谢振凌|사진릉 : 系喎.

Chris said...

全: 不客气。;)

venus: 那边真的很漂亮,我很喜欢。

Chin Weng 茶先生: 是啊,你报名了吗?

类私理: Yeah, u shud go..

[SK]: Bcos i scare all the people off already. :p

十六夜真人: 哦? 你们要看吗? :p

Sanze: Oic.... So will u attending?

savante: I fotgot to bring my swimming trunk. :p

Chris said...

tagnan: Yeah, sure...

滑翔翼: 有机会和你一起去看雪咯, ;)

Ivan: oH? Really? SIN also got?

TZ: Will going to Jakarta on Thursday morning, U wanna follow? Hehe...

leister: Oh? U ALWAZ go to Gold Coast too?

小崇胖胖: 你不怕我会把你卖掉吗? :p

Jason: Haha,... u 1 2 see meh?

奇迹创造者 Zyan: 哈哈, 等有机会咯。:p

Spartacus said...

Gold Coast looks like a very nice place.

I should perhaps hop on a flight and head there for a weekend next time.

- yEng - said...




Chris said...

Spartacus: Yeah, u shud.. very nice..
It's not really far from MEL.

- yEng -: 那家酒店真的好可爱, 不过收费如何就不知道了.

Spartacus said...

Yeah. About 2 hours flight I think.
Can be quite cheap when there are airfare sales. Around AUD 60-70 one way.

Agnes Sim said...

i like the beach n blue blue sky. ;-)

Chris said...

Spartacus: Oic..

Agnes Sim: Welcome to my blog.. Yeah, i like it too...

ernloy said...

Choon Wah!!!
visiting your blog again after a looong time!!! how are u!!! :D
well, i already noticed i am not the first one to ask this:
i already opened my eyes 'big big' but still didn't see anything? >.<
haha...ya, would love to visit aussie one day!heard airasia has very cheap flight there now!!! hmm...should visit when i go back to msia!

Chris said...

ernloy: I am ok here. Thanx.. Yeah, u shud go n pay a visit ya..
The "hot things" need u to c by ur own eyes. Haha..

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