Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Madam Wong Cafe - 金河

难得星期天不用上班,所以就约了两个朋友一起去逛街。我们6点半在Pavilion见面,然而朋友说他们肚子饿了,想吃东西。我想了一想,就带他们到位于金河的Madam Wong Cafe,他们都是第一次到这里用餐,而且还是第一次知道有这间cafe。也难怪的,因为座落于比较高的楼层,如果不是特地要买东西的话,很少人是会来到这里的,不知道也不足为奇。我们order了家乡豆腐饭、咖喱Laksa面、海鲜Tom Yam Keow Teow、面包咖喱鸡、海底椰汤圆和奶茶。个人比较不喜欢面包咖喱鸡,因为他们放了香料进去,所以出来的味道像印度的咖喱,感觉怪怪的,但是它的面包却非常crispy,蛮可口的。其他的食物味道还蛮不错,价钱也大众化,而且选择也多,它的menu可是很厚哦,期望下次再来尝试其他不同的东西。
海鲜Tom Yam Keow Teow


Danny said...

never heard of the restaurant...must try.
seems that 王姐(Madam Wong) 看不順 官姐(Madam Kwan's) success...she oso open her own restaurant ;)

Roses said...

hahah..for a moment i thought it's Madam Kwan.
will try this spot out the next time i drop by sg wang- top level of the building eh?!?

the food looks fine..dunno how they will taste tho

殷缘 said...


Pete said...

MMmmm... the Tomyam Kueh Teow looks good!

[SK] said...

細佬, 唔好食埋呢啲乜王太關太嘢喇, 我哋去食又美味又抵食嘅韓國嘢啦~~

$t@nDLyE said...

Sound delicious.. with the good look.
Should be good I believe, else you won't introduce your friend there..
You such a great eater ya..

savante said...

Emmm.. nice looking food?

Legolas said...

Hmmm... I normally would avoid going to Sungei Wang. Too crowded with people. But I really shouldn't complain about too many people now that I'm in Beijing.

NotHamsap said...

argh!! the food look so nice!!!! especially the 面包鸡。I will definitely try it out when i go back :)

Chris said...

Danny: 可能佢哋前世捞乱骨头。

Roses: Yeah, hmm... if i am not mistaken, shud be around 4th or 5th floor of Sungei Wang.

殷缘: 我现在也很饿!

Pete: Yeah, heard my frens said quite ok. I took the homemade taufu rice cos i can't take too spicy foods. :(

SK: 好啊, 大佬,咁几时啊?

Standlye: I think is ok lor. slightly above average. Better than oldtown cafe. :p

Savante: Yeah, taste not bad too.

Legolas: Oh, if it's not too crowded n packed, then shud be fine with me. As long as still can breath n not suffocate. haha..

Nothamsap: Oh.. u like Indian taste curry ar?

pikey said...

oh.... madam wong, been there twice only, at the Sg Wang. Food is not bad.

Roses said...

wanna go there next week. woo hoo..
is the price alright?!?
u cant take spicy food eh...too bad, cause spicy food is life... ;P

Chris said...

Pikey: Welcome to my blog. Yeah, i feel that food is not bad. Only the location is hard to notice.

Roses: Hmm... for me, price is reasonable. Yeah, i can't take too spicy foods. :(