Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shop til broke in LA

Finally the 9 days trip was over, back to KL yesterday. Quite an easy and memorable trip for me. Crew members are nice and flight was easy cause not much special meal and pax also very good. Although winter is coming, weather in LA still ok, not really cold with daytime temperature up to 25°C, night time a bit chilling, only 13°C. Since it's winter time in LA, so local time in LA is 16 hours behind of KL. It means if KL is day time, then LA will be night time with 1 day behind. So many of my friends don't know about this, that's why they keep calling me in the middle of the night in LA but KL is already noon time.

Since Santa Claus is coming to town soon, US is having their X'mas sales. Some more States is greatly affected by the current financial tsunami, so the stuffs are much more cheaper than last year, means they are giving more reductions to the goods to boost the sales. But anyway, I didn't see much warm response as mostly the shopping malls are very quiet although is weekend. The crowd is all missing compare with last time. I think most probably all the Americans must be starved to save money in order to prepare for the worst.

Since the stuffs are so cheap, of cause i sure cannot resist lor... Daily activities are shop, shop, shop... Whatever is cheap, nice and suit, i will buy.. So the consequence is -- i overspent! My LA allowances are all gone!! My checked-in bag is super heavy!!! And i need to starving for the next 2 weeks in order to cover back the expenses... :(
A very charming X'mas decorations in the mall
Very queit, not much people do shopping
First time i saw, a vending machine which sell iPod products, Sony PSP, camera, cell phones etc.. So advance!
Part of the stuffs that i bought, hehe....
Nothing to do inside the room at night, so online and read my blog, haha..
A snapshot in front of Del Amo


小东 said...

我也在香港买了ipod和ipod nono


小心咯!take care...

魔女Constance said...

Vending machine which sell iPod products! So cool! Don't the buyers need a sales person to explain etc? I wonder if the idea is good if this machine is to be in Malaysia :)

Faye fly said...


[SK] said...

warr, action lor you bro, bought so many things.. wonder if anything there that belongs to me??? hahahaha :p

sbanboy said...

welcome back !!!! And yes finally I understand the post ... hehe... thanks alot :)

阿洛 said...


ernloy said...

thanks for dropping my at my blog!! :D
and OMG, that is only part of what u bought?!?!??! =.= envy~~~
anyway, enjoy Malaysia for my part too!
miss the hot weather now...
freezing here >.< said...

You wouldn't be able to fit into your newly bought jeans if you starve yourself, sell them to me with half price. ;p

~~[栋]张西望,[栋]奔西跑~~ said...


tagnan said...

oh... shopping again.... nice...
show me when we meet.
btw im back, at KL now :P

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Hey man, that're really a LITTLE too much things you bought. But feel worse if not buying while it's cheap, I totally understood the feeling..haha. Glad you have a nice trip...and welcome home.

JiaMin3 。 HeRe said...

去我的Blog 看看什么内容@.@

squall said...

wah...really shop alot lo...
then where is my belated birthday gift???...hehe...

H.a.M.s.A.p said...

Aww..oh well, no pain, no gain! I would do the same thing as you..if I like/lurve sth, I'll shop till I drop..hahaha

Emo-Happiness said...

well.. 马来西亚也有sales
29th Dec 起,

Jason said...

Envy envy... I also wanna be air steward lah!

wayne said...

it's black friday after thanksgiving tmr, i ll go shopping since a lot of great sales r goin on~~~

Pete said...

Wah, bought so many stuff. Can last until Chinese New Year lorrr! LOL

佩君 said...

很酷哦~你飞去了 LA

你拍照的 POSE 不错~哈哈~

十六夜真人 said...



LAURENCE said...


Danny said...

hmm.. i think you can do better than that... that is not your highest record rite? i mean shopping....hehehe

Leon Koh said...

we are expecting more pictures from your 9 day holiday in LA.. :)

hope you had a lovely trip there.


ian-ization said...

The machine that sells Mac and apple ipod, that's cool man... did you get anything from there?

Wois said...

where is my gift? wakaka

whitefly said...


KC said...

Shopping! How I wish I have the luxury! Haha! Malaysia Great Saving Sales is starting today too!

Shell (貝殼) said...

u really a shoopping king oh^^

Chris said...

小东: 香港买电子产品都很便宜。 你在香港呆多久?

魔女Constance: Maybe will be stolen very soon, haha...

Faye fly: 其他的都是书本啊,食物等等。

[SK]: haha.. bought u the cd oredi lor.

Sbanboy: U welcome. :)

阿洛: 欢迎光临, 你好。 :)

Ernloy: Ur place must be freezing now. keke... Welcome to my blog.
Hah? That i "rugi" a lot wo.. :p

~~[栋]张西望,[栋]奔西跑~~: 因为是为马航服务嘛,有政府看着,所以就无须担心这么多咯,嘿嘿。

Chris said...

Tagnan: Yeah, nice to meet u again yesterday. ;)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E: Hmm.. bcos cheap lor, so tak tahan. keke..

JiaMin3 。 HeRe: 可以啊,我迟点再回tag给你.

Squall: Haha... forgot liao. :p

H.a.M.s.A.p: Yeh, we got gang oredi..

Emo-Happiness: 哦,可以啊,但暂时还没时间去看.

Jason: Then fast fast join lor.. :)

Wayne: Yeah, States r having sales now.

Pete: Hmm... cannot lar.. still want some more, :p

佩君: 喔, 谢谢哦, 呵呵。。

十六夜真人: 那就大家一起买吧, 哈哈。

Chris said...

LAURENCE: 其实也蛮心痛的 :(

Danny: hMM.. no, not the highest, hehe..

Leon Koh: Yeah, will post some more pics later,, hehe.. Thanx ya..

Ian-ization: No wo..

Wois: Er..... :p

Whitefly: 哦? 真的吗? 他也时常买吗?

KC: yEah, did u buy anything yet?

Shell (貝殼): hEhe.. :p

[ B a B y M e R V ] said...

One word... NICE!

savante said...

OOH CHRISTMAS in the STATES! I am jealous. Did you buy baubles back? I imagine they must have the most amazing sales over there!

Chris said...

[ B a B y M e R V ]: Thanx ya..

Savante: Back to KL oredi. Yeah, States is having a sales now..

win said...

i wish i have interesting flight too.. now when i fly, no one wants to go out during this cold weather since we always got the same flight. boring ah.

i hope u dont mind, i added your blog link to my blogger.


Chris said...

Win: Yeah, now i alwaz feel very lazy n boring to fly. Want money but don't want to work :p hehe...
But no choice lor... need to earn money to survive...
Oh.. u welcome.. my pleasure for u to link my blog.. Come alwaz oh. :)