Thursday, May 8, 2008

LV Flagship Store, Champs Elysees - Paris

Paris. It is spring, yet winter winds howl down the Champs Elysees. Dozens of men and women emerge from all directions. Those people walk at a quick clip along the rain-soaked sidewalk heading towards the fabled corner Louis Vuitton flagship store on the Avenue des Champs Elysees. Standing at the corner, they huddle together against the wind, and then swarms into the multi-level building. This is not a special clearance day at Louis Vuitton. It is like this every day. (In fact LV doesn't even go on sale, cause they don’t want to “devalue” the brand, so not matter when, their price will only get higher but not cheaper.)

Champs-Elysees flagship store is the largest store in Paris as well as in the world. It is a seven-stories store where the decor and famous interior design provides a multi sensory experience. It is like a consumer temple for all the shopaholics where plenty of LV goodies such as bags, luggage, apparels, accessories etc to feast their eyes on.

While we entered, we were surprised by its complete and unbelievable selections. But too bad that photo taking is not allowed in the store. At here, each entering customer will gets one attending sales person only to serve you. So better stick to this sales person if you want to buy anything. This is their rules. If you can’t speak French and English, no worries, they are also hire others such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Latino… sales attendants to serve you. So language is not a barrier here. And you can imagine how many sales attendants they have in the store!! Some more, they will serve you champagne too while you are in the store. Really treat you as a guest in their house. And they are not really pushy to want you to buy the stuffs. Most of them are very well manner and good service.

3 of us were shocked by a lot of wealthy visitors from Mainland China who are just like ransack the store as its a flea market. They are prepared for the eye-popping amount of money and spent lavishly in LV while they are traveling in Paris. Last time maybe Japanese will do this but now it’s turn to Mainland Chinese.

As comparison, LV here are much more cheaper than KL. We can gauge the price difference by taking account of the currency exchange rate and V.A.T (Value Added Tax). We can claim the V.A.T. at the airport. There is a 12% rebate of V.A.T. for tourist. But there is a condition where we need to spend minimum 176 euros in a single receipt then only we entitled to get the tax refund. But I am sure it is not a problem at LV cause the things here minimum price is 100 euros and a above. They will only give you 10% tax rebate if you opt for cash refunds. If you opt for the tax refund to be credited into you credit card, then only will be 12%. So, currency exchange plus the 12% V.A.T. deductions, that's how much we can save. Hmm… roughly from few hundred to thousand over ringgit with the same bag in KL compare with here!!! But remember one thing, be sure to bring your passport along if u want to shop and collect the V.A.T., cause they need your passport to enter your particulars into the system.

So, once are here, the only thing we can do is Shop! Shop! Shop!
Outlook view of the store
Main entrance
Side view
Side view
Me and Christine with her newly bought LV Damier Canvas Trevi bag


[SK] said...

OMG!! how come you came out empty handed?? hahaha..

Chris said...

SK: Bcos i dun have money to buy lor.. hehe... :p

Bunz said...


Chris said...

Bunz: 哈哈。 是女人的话应该会满载而归吧。

Anonymous said...

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