Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hyatt Regency Hotel - Mumbai

Indian routes are Number 1 toughest flight among all the flights, I am not discriminate but it’s the truth that Indians (Basically not Malaysia Indians but India’s Indians) are so rude and demanding. They just want whatever you can give and asking for non-stop. Some more will scold you if can’t get what they want. I think if you got 10 pairs of hands also cannot handle their requests. And their “nature perfume” sure will spread over the cabin and I think wearing the face mask is necessary for that flight in order to give you at least a little bit of fresh air. :p

So when I get to know I need to operate that flight, first thing come into my mind is “Oh my god! Oh my god! I need to suffer again! Help!!! Who want to mutual my flight???? I am phobia towards Indian routes already!!” Of cause these kind of flights nobody will want to do, even I top up the allowances also no one take. I don’t want to “MC”, so no choice got to do it lor. I slept maximum before that flight in order to save enough energy to prepare for the “war“ (No play play oh) . But thank god! The flight was light load, only hundred over passengers. Huh… At least I can relief a bit. Keke… :p But anyhow, that flight still got one intoxicated Indian passenger who create a problem for us. Luckily can handle it.

At Mumbai, the hotel we stay is Hyatt Regency. Not very far from airport. It’s quite a nice hotel. Room is big and the bed is soft and comfortable. Lots of TV channels, I think roughly 60 over. Many Hindustani movies and music. Although I don’t understand, it’s quite interesting for me cause I like to watch they sing and dance. And the sceneries they captured also very nice. Not bad hoh.. Bollywood…
Hotel outlook
Hotel entrance

My room

Saturday, April 26, 2008


上个星期日,和我的朋友去了位于Jalan Imbi后面的新峰肉骨茶解决我们的晚餐。新峰肉骨茶是日賣百鍋的老店,是間從小攤販做到橫跨三個店面的食肆。甚至當選光明日報主辦的“肉骨茶王”。在吉隆坡肉骨茶中,它的味道、人氣、服務都有一定的江湖地位。我相信很多人都知道它的所在及曾经光顾过吧!


我們點了一鍋肉骨茶,葱油豆腐和一碟甘香啦啦。不知道是它的名气过响还是我们期望过高呢? 觉得它名过于实。肉骨茶、葱油豆腐和甘香啦啦根本就不好吃。肉骨茶味道淡淡的,药材味又不香。葱油豆腐太咸,好像它的酱油都不用钱似的。最难吃的就是甘香啦啦,难入口,一点都没有甘香的味道,比起其它普通的大排档还不如。都不明白它怎样可以拿到所谓的“肉骨茶王”。和巴生的肉骨茶相比,简直就是天渊之别。我想如果没有什么特别的理由,我们应该都不会再去帮衬了。

Friday, April 25, 2008


夜深. 睡意已经涌上眼角, 只是今天晚上在听乔治•温斯顿(George Winston)的那首卡农变奏曲(Variations on the Canon by Pachelbel)时, 忽然想留下一言半语的文字. 我一直很迷恋钢琴的旋律, 交响乐对我来说还是过于隆重, 所以安静的时候我还是喜欢听纯粹的钢琴曲.

卡农, 是这样一首幸福而安静的曲子. 对于卡农, 我想很多人应该不会感到陌生吧! 只要你曾经看过韩国片《我的野蛮女友》, 必会对这首曲子留有印象, 因为影片中全智贤弹的就是这首音乐.

卡农Canon - 复调音乐的一种, 原意为"规律". 一个声部的曲调自始至终追逐着另一个声部, 直到最后……最后的一个小结, 最后的一个和弦, 它们会融合在一起, 永不分离. 缠绵极至的音乐, 就像两个人生死追随.


卡农, 令人陶醉的旋律, 表现的是相互追随, 不离不弃. 每次听到都会让我的思绪延伸到遥远的地方, 由复杂变为简单, 由焦虑变得平和. 一遍又一遍地听, 让自己沉醉, 然后莫名感伤, 接着沉默, 思绪开始发呆, 沉溺在感动之中. 我喜欢它, 它在我所在的空间里不断来回往复, 那些透明缠绵的旋律与音符在深夜里飘荡, 触动我的心灵.

乔治•温斯顿的这首卡农, 仿佛在追忆一种逝去的美好. 白键是那一年海对沙滩浪花的缱绻, 黑键是曾经离别时的眼泪. 回忆和情感被折叠在一本泛黄的五线谱中.

音乐是一种太有魔力的东西, 无论是古典的, 流行的, 精华的或糟粕的, 都能够全力释放自己的情绪. 文字也有这种魔力, 这就是我喜欢音乐和文字的理由. 鉴证别人成长的同时, 也看到自己的成长一样.

喜欢这种感觉, 心里非常的平静. 用耳去听, 用心去感觉, 很美..... 音乐在耳边轻轻滑过, 带着一丝风, 很轻很轻......

Thursday, April 24, 2008


上个星期天,和朋友去位于Pavilion6楼的丽晶(LiJin Chinese Fusion Cuisine)吃东西。由于我们到达时才5点多,离晚餐时间还早,所以里面人不多。就座后,我们就开始点菜。我们各自叫了自己要吃的东西。我要了招牌炒生面和荔枝豆腐花,我朋友则叫了蟹肉干炒伊面,东玻肉和鹿肉滑蛋河。


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Queen Street - Auckland

Queen Street is the main retail area and also the busiest street of the Auckland city. It is a home to numerous shops, restaurants and entertainment centers where you can fortify yourself with coffee, gift stores, galleries, boutiques, designer lifestyle stores, bars, cafes etc. However you also can find banks, insurance companies and other commercial firms here. Its more or less like KL Bukit Bintang area.

In recent years, there has seen an influx of Asians to New Zealand, so while I walking along the Queen Street, I can saw a lot of Asian faces. Mostly are Japanese, Korean and Chinese from Mainland China. Majority of them are students. So because of this, I can easily get myself Asian foods as there are lots of Asian restaurants in AKL now. No need always stick to western food which i just 'so so' into it. :p
Day view of Queen Street

Night view of Queen Street
Dunkin' Donuts here totally different from Malaysia and expensive too
Starbucks at Queen Street
LV shop at Queen Street

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sky Tower - Auckland

This is my first Auckland(AKL) flight in 2008 as my last flight to Auckland was about 10 months ago. Auckland still look nothing much different. Still as peaceful as last time. Winter will coming soon, so the weather is a bit chilling at night time. And due to day light saving, New Zealand’s time now only 4 hours ahead of Malaysia’s time, other time will be 5 hours ahead.

Auckland is NZ’s largest city with a population of approximately 1.3 million. It is affectionately referred to as the ‘city of sails’, since it lays claim to having the world’s largest amount of sailboats per capita. Sky Tower is the best known Auckland’s landmark. It is located in the heart of the city. Due to its shape and height, it has become an iconic Auckland structure, often used in logos and promotions. Just like our KL tower.

At 328m high, it’s the tallest building in the southern hemisphere so far. It has 3 observation levels which can offer unrivalled 360 degree views of AKL city. Beside being the region's main broadcasting and telecommunications facility, the tower also is one of New Zealand's most exhilarating and spectacular tourist attractions.

Inside the tower's accompanying building is hotel, some bars, shops, restaurants, Sky City Theatre plus the most important excitement - Sky City casino. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Like our Genting Casino, inside is mostly Chinese. I think Chinese is really like to gamble. Haha..

The tower also features the SkyJump. It is the quick route down by jumping off from the tower with 192m to the ground. I think it is for the daredevils who love ‘life’, but not for me, I scare my heartbeat will stop by the time when I leap from 192m and fall to the ground. Haha...

Monday, April 14, 2008


无意中从网络上看到这篇文章, 觉得蛮有趣, 所以就抓下来跟大家分享.

在人流不息的銀座廣場, 一个日本男人不小心刮開了一个日本單身女人的超短裙.
日本男人還沒開口, 那日本單身女人一個90度的大鞠躬, 然后说道: 不好意思, 給您添麻煩了! 都怪裙子的品質不好...
說完, 取出一個別針別好, 又匆匆走掉.

在人來人往的時代廣場, 一个美國男人不小心刮開了一个美國單身女人的超短裙.
美國男人還沒開口, 那美國單身女人立刻從身上摸出一張名片來: 這是我律師的電話, 他會找你細談關于你性騷擾我的事情, 你可以做好準備, 我們法庭上見...
說完, 記下美國男人的姓名電話, 揚頭走掉.

在聞名于世的凱旋門廣場上, 一个法國男人不小心刮開了一个法國單身女人的超短裙.
法國男人還沒開口, 那法國單身女人咯咯一笑, 然後細手搭肩的說道: 如果你不介意的話, 送我一枝玫瑰來向我道歉吧...
說完, 法國男人從花店買了一枝玫瑰, 還請她去酒吧喝上一杯, 然後兩人一起去一家小旅館再研究一下超短裙以內的事情...

在泰晤士河邊的教堂廣場上, 一个英國男人不小心刮開了一个英國單身女人的超短裙.
英國男人還沒開口, 那英國單身女人忙用手裡的報紙遮住裙子開了的部分, 紅著臉說: 先生,可以先送我回家嗎? 我家就在前面不遠处...
說完, 英國男人把自己的上衣脫下來, 披在她身上, 叫了一輛Taxi, 安全的把她送到家, 然后換了一件裙子.

在人頭簇動的天安门广场前, 一个北京男子不小心刮開了一个北京單身女人的超短裙.
北京男子還沒開口, 那北京單身女人揚手一記響亮的耳光往那北京男子脸上打去, 還抓住北京男子的脖領子不放: 你這個不要臉的傢伙! 敢吃老娘豆腐, 让我送你去勞改!!!

在台灣的西門町裡, 一个台客不小心刮開了一个台湾女學生的超短學生裙.
台客還沒開口, 那個台湾女學生就咯咯一笑, 對著台客說: 價錢還沒談攏, 你就要先看貨了呀!

在人山人海的時代廣場, 一个香港中年男人不小心刮開了一个年約18岁香港女生的超短裙.
香港男人還沒開口, 那香港女生就大聲骂道: 我吊你老母! 你當我是庙街的鱼蛋妹啊!! 小心我去找人來砍你全家!!

在布满行人的南大门街上, 一个韩国中年男人不小心刮開了一个年約18岁韩国女生的超短裙.
韩国男人還沒開口, 那韩国女生二話不說便踢出一個彈跳迴旋踢, 然後冷冷地說道: 你找死啊! 你不知道我是跆拳道黑帶二段嗎?

在曼谷的街上, 一个泰国中年男人不小心刮開了一个年約18岁泰国女生的超短裙.
泰国男人忙亂地道歉, 那泰国女生優雅地雙手合十於面前, 緩慢地作一姿勢優美的敬禮, 以嬌人欲滴的聲音說: 沒關係, 先生. 我是男人...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


上次去Mid Valley的时候,无意中在The Garden发现了鼎泰丰的踪迹,才知道它终于在马来西亚开了第一家分店。记得第一次看到鼎泰丰是在台北的时候,本来想进去尝试,但骇于人潮实在太多了,要等一小时才可以进去,所以最终放弃了。想不到它也在吉隆坡有了分行,当然抓紧机会进去尝尝咯。



小籠包的確皮薄餡多,麵皮虽薄嫩但没有一个是破皮的,而且有嚼勁,咬開後的湯汁濃郁,但得小心燙口。个人觉得豆沙小籠包更勝一籌,皮薄餡靚,味道非筆墨能形容。另外它的酸辣湯非常好喝,料也非常的實在。虾肉馄饨拉面里的云吞可是一整只的虾包裹在薄薄的云吞皮里面哦! 不像其它地方卖的只是小小的一粒云吞,料也不足。肉丝蛋炒饭的味道尚可,不过不失。整体来讲,价格还算可以啦,不会过分的贵。全部食物包括饮料及税务大概RM七十多块。个人觉得鼎泰豐真的很不錯,菜色过真的是都有一定的水準哦!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Seng And Alfred's Birthday - Jogoya

I went to friend’s birthday dinner on last Saturday. It’s Seng and Alfred birthday. The interval of birthday between 2 of them just few days only. So we decided to make their special occasion together. The birthday treat was held at Jogoya at Starhill since some of my friends are total hardcore of Jogoya’s fans. Jogoya(上合屋) is a famous japanese buffet chain from Taiwan.

I think my last experience with Jogoya was about 7-8 months ago. When I step into Jogoya again, everything looks still the same. The first thing no change is the price still steep. Hehe…. Soon we settled down, we immediately buzz around to search and get the foods. The food varieties are still wide with the fusion of Japanese, Chinese, Western, Oriental cuisines etc under the same roof. Hmm… my personal opinion, compare with my last visit, I feel that the foods quality are a bit went down the drain. Is it a chef’s problem or the food’s problem itself?

As per procedure, we eat, chat, laugh, take photos.. blah blah blah… during the session. The celebration ended at about 12am and following program that cannot be missed is of cause clubbing lor….:p

Overall, although Jogoya is a bit pricy but for the amount of variety, I guess it's worth it once in a while.
Warning: Going too often will result in excessive calories and a burnt wallet.

Two birthday boys

Monday, April 7, 2008


I accompanied my friend to Mid Valley for hair cut on last Wednesday. While on the way to the car park, I was captivated by the freestyle graphics and creative food labels of this shop -- Justlife™. It is located at lower ground floor of The Garden. The shop offers an exciting range of organic and eco-friendly products.

The shop is divided into several sections, namely cooking corner, baby food and cereals, fresh produce, bathroom corner, household, supplement nutrition and skincare. So finding the right stuff is a breeze. The shop promotes and sells organic stuffs such as fresh vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, organic canned food, organic made bread, beans, juices, dietary supplement, hair care, cosmetic products etc. I am very impressed by their interiors and decor, which is nicely designed. And give me the feel of Taiwan and Japan.

While nowadays people always talk about environment preserve, global warming, energy saving and healthy living. I think simple act of buying organic vegetables/products or using biodegradable utensils is just some of the many little things we can do to save the planet. Awareness of using organic products is getting more and more important as it advocates a lifestyle away from harmful pollutants and chemicals.

No doubt it cannot dispute the fact that organic products are costlier, in fact everything that is organically produced is more expensive. But I think that the long term value of enjoying a healthy lifestyle free from diseases and sickness is priceless.

So I think cultivate the awareness of the benefits of organic products is crucial as it’s a key to a sustainable lifestyle and total well-being and more importantly giving a green living a breath of fresh air.

The soy milk that i bought from Justlife™

Friday, April 4, 2008

Kampung Thai 32 Seafood Restaurant

On Tuesday, I had my late dinner at Kampung Thai 32 Seafood Restaurant. It is located at Jalan Mamanda, near to Ampang Point, opposite Hospital Pakar Ampang Puteri. The entire restaurant devote its best offering a mouth-watering array of Thai foods. With so many dishes to choose from, the hassle comes only in actually deciding what to eat.

So finally I ordered Seafood Tom Yam Soup, Phad Thai and young coconut. Phad Thai is a dish of stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice, red chilli pepper plus any combination of bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken, or tofu, garnished with crushed peanuts and coriander. It is also came with a piece of lime.

The appearance of the meals are very nice. All decorated with orchids. Tom Yam Soup tasted quite sour but not so spicy. Just nice for me as I cannot take too spicy foods. Phad Thai is above average too. Quite yummy. And so do my favourite - fresh young coconut. Although the foods are very nice, pricing is a bit expensive. All 2 dishes plus the coconut cost me about RM53. But if really indulging with Thai foods, then I think once in awhile should be ok.
Seafood Tom Yam Soup
Phad Thai

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gary's Birthday - Neway, Times Square

Gary’s birthday is coming soon. So we threw a celebration at Neway Karaoke, Times Square last Saturday. His actual birthday is fall on 31st March which is Monday. But since everybody need to work on that day so we can’t go out and party for a good portion of the day, so we decided to make it earlier on Saturday.

Gary suggested there because it's a dinner buffet and the foods are pretty acceptable plus it can accommodates large group of peoples. Beside we can sing as well. Once we reached about 8pm plus, we get-together and do what we do best, eating! It’s much more important than singing. Cause everybody is starving. Then followed by drinking, singing, laughing and photos taking. And of cause the highlight of the night -- birthday cake ya.

After we finished eating, we continued singing and gossiping. Eventually about 1.30am, we asked for the check and paid. Then went home after that.